Relationship Counselling North LondonAt the Link Therapy Centre, we specialise in counselling and psychotherapy. It’s a talking therapy that explores your thoughts and feelings, and it not only helps you to feel more comfortable in yourself, but it also leaves you better able to deal with relationships and life’s problems.

Our clients come to us for many reasons (see our page on how psychotherapy can help you), but in every case we provide non-judgemental therapy in a safe and confidential environment. Here’s a little more about how we can help, and what you can expect...

Step 1: Get in touch
Taking the decision to approach a psychotherapist isn’t always easy, and we understand that. That’s why we encourage you to get in touch in the way that you feel most comfortable with – either by phone or using the form on our contact page.

Step 2: How can psychotherapy help me?
Talking over problems with a trained and experienced therapist facilitates different ways of addressing and solving troublesome aspects of your life. It can lead to new perspectives; a realisation that you can make choices and that a deeper sense of connection with yourself and others can be made.

Step 3: How you can benefit
We offer both counselling and psychotherapy; short and long-term. We work with adults, couples, adolescents, children and families. We provide a confi dential, non-judgmental service and a safe place in which to explore thoughts, feelings and actions which might hinder your daily functioning as an individual or with others. Sharing these with your therapist will enable you to deal with diffi cult issues.

Step 4: Getting to know each other
Once you decide that you’d like to work with us, we’ll invite you to come and spend a few sessions with your fully-trained and experienced therapist. It’s during this period that you’ll get to know each other better, and when your psychotherapist will listen carefully to your issues and learn more about your aspirations and your hopes for the future.

After a small number of meetings, you and your therapist will decide whether you would benefit from further therapy and – if so – how often sessions should take place.

Step 5: Growing with psychotherapy
If you and your therapist decide that regular, 50-minute sessions would benefit you, you’ll will then meet for an agreed number of sessions each week.

It’s a commitment, but when you are motivated to make lasting changes to your life, it’s an effective one.

Your sessions of therapy will take you on a journey in which you will explore your thoughts, your behaviours, your relationships and your dreams – both in the present and the past. You will explore the causes behind behaviours or symptoms, and you will gain a deep insight into the deeper structures of your personality.

We offer both counselling and psychotherapy, short and long term. By reflecting on causes rather than symptoms, you can make major changes to your life – and for your future.

Would you like to find out more?
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