If you would like to find out how counselling or psychotherapy can help you, or if you may be hoping to solve a specific problem then, this page will tell you about some of the issues that people seek help for at the Link Therapy Centre, how counselling or psychotherapy works, and how it can help you to overcome those difficulties. 

Most importantly, you’ll learn how psychotherapy is an effective way of treating causes rather than symptoms, and how it can help you change deeper patterns of behaviour for a happier, more fulfilling life.

Reasons for seeking psychotherapy
There are many reasons for seeking psychotherapy. However, you may be looking for help with one or more of the following problems.

Psychotherapy London
Initiate changes to negative self image
Negotiate and manage addictions
Keep depression, rage and low self-esteem at bay
Treat difficult marital relationships and family issues
Help with anxiety or stress at work and at home
Explore, define and achieve life goals
Relieve destructive habits, including eating disorders
Assist and promote healthy relationships
Promote growth and maturity

You may be affected by one or more of these issues, or you may have other reasons for seeking help from a psychotherapist. To help you decide whether psychotherapy is for you, here’s a little more about how the treatment works.

How psychotherapy works
Psychotherapy is a ‘talking therapy’. When you start working with a psychotherapist, you’ll meet regularly in a safe, confidential space and explore the emotional and personal difficulties you face now, and have faced in the past.

By sharing honest feelings, thoughts and dreams with a psychotherapist, he or she can help you achieve greater understanding of yourself, the choices that are open to you, and find ways of strengthening your behaviour, outlook and relationships.

Psychotherapy is a non-judgemental treatment, and it takes time. But because it concentrates on the causes of individual problems, rather than trying to suppress their symptoms, it can help you achieve longer-term fulfilment and satisfaction in life.

At Link Therapy Centre, we specialise in counselling and psychotherapy – respected traditions that emphasise the importance of your thoughts and feelings.

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