Welcome to the Link Therapy Centre. We are specialists in counselling and psychotherapy and are based in the Golders Green area of North London. 

Psychotherapy is a co-operative adventure between practitioner and client. Our role is to support your growth, development and healing.

Secure boundaries and confidentiality provide a safe environment for sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences which you may not have been able to discuss before.

Perhaps you have problems at work, in your relationships or deeply personal issues which are difficult to discuss.

Therapy can assist by exploring symptoms that trouble you and their causes. We will work with you to overcome your difficulties.

Finally, if you already know about our work and would like to get in touch or book an initial consultation, then our contact page has the details you need.

Please explore our site, and remember – your psychotherapy sessions with us are always safe, secure and confidential. We want to help you with personal healing, self discovery and to clarify what you want from life – that’s what our work is all about.

When looking for counselling in North London it can be difficult to find a method or approach with which you feel comfortable. As psychotherapy and counselling are based upon the interpersonal relationship between patient and therapist, it doesn’t become any more difficult or intrusive than talking to a trusted confidant. Our counselling services in North London provide you with a specially trained psychotherapist, highly experienced in building constructive relationships to maximise the benefit of your counselling sessions.

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